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For Anneke: 1.20.27 – 12.31.04

Ricordati che anche in un umore male c’e nascosto un sorriso.

A little piece of modified wisdom I found in a Perugina chocolate (of which I am eating way too many these days). The original translation was “even in an off day there is hiding a smile”. My somewhat rusty Italian take translates to: Remember that even in a bad mood a smile is hiding.

May 2013 bring real joy, honest laughter, and deeply felt peace to you and yours.


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Enough is Enough

In Italy you often hear parents admonishing their children with a rather loud BASTA. At our house, growing up, it wasn’t so loud, but the words held the same intensity: That’s ENOUGH. And when you heard those words come out of my mother’s mouth, you knew she meant it.

do you
when is,
enough is enough?

When I left the studio last night, I put this little 8.25″ x 5″ painting on the wall, and thought “that’s enough for today; I’ll attack it again tomorrow”. But seeing it again this morning with fresh eyes, I wondered whether maybe enough was really enough.

12 November 2012

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A couple of new collages

Some work that is definitely influenced by both time spent in and materials brought home from Italy. Moments in time; Intersections; Crossroads.



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I usually spend my sister’s birthday in the studio making something for her. But since today I am hosting a nasty migraine, that seems unlikely. And anyway, it recently occurred to me that just about everything I make is for Kukla. So today I will light a candle for her, and put up these recent pieces in her honor. If there is a heaven, I hope she has found her way there and is somehow celebrating what would’ve been her 59th birthday in some kind of terrific style. I don’t imagine I will ever stop making art for her, nor missing her like crazy.