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Off to Ireland

Posted on: May 7th, 2016 by jmbroekman 1 Comment

and home again

OK, so it has been forever since I’ve posted something on this blog, and I started putting something up before leaving for Ireland. So much for good intentions; I never finished that post. In fact I only got so far as the photo, my lovely new paintbox, which it turns out wasn’t exactly meant for travel – all that neatly placed paint got all jumbled up on the flight over. Luckily, I needed a lot of grey.

Ireland was lovely, beautiful, new and different. We spent our time on the west coast, did a lot of hiking/walking, a fair amount of pub hopping (not just for the beer, but to hear music, which was terrific). And now we’re home with miserable colds! To make up for my lack of posting, here are a mess of photos; Hope you enjoy the scenery!









Brief descriptions, from the top: First row – Doolin, hiking the Cliffs of Moher; Second and third rows – The Dingle Peninsula; Fourth, fifth & sixth rows: Killarney National Park, including Muckross Abbey, the lakes, and hiking into the Gap of Dunloe; Last two rows – Bantry Bay and the Sheepshead Peninsula, with the last photo from Cork City.