2021 Notecard Ballot

Posted on: October 31st, 2021 by jmbroekman 14 Comments

2020 Note Cards

It’s time to vote for your favorite candidates (all new designs) for this year’s note cards. If you would like to weigh in, I’d love to have the feedback. Please select your two favorite sets from the three series (Jars, Pitchers, and Sketchbook) below.

As always, thanks a million for your help.

Ready Set Go!

14 Responses

  1. Hi Jessyca! My very favorite is the Sketchbook Series. It was hard to pick which other one to vote for, but I finally settled on the Jars Series. These are all lovely.

    • jmbroekman says:

      Thanks, Nancy. The difficulty in choosing is why I put it out for everyone else to help me decide. I can’t seem to do it on my own, and thus the so-called market research. Thanks, again.

  2. Jenny says:

    Sketchbook, #1…. and Jars,#2

  3. Lisa Kubiak says:

    Hi Jess – My vote is for the Sketchbook Series! All wonderful though. Lisa

  4. Barbara Solomon says:

    I love them all Jessyca!
    But I think I’d vote for the Pitcher and Jug series.
    Hope all is well.

  5. Carol says:

    Pitchers and Jars series are my faves. But I will order any two you ultimately make available. Love ‘em all.

  6. andrea says:

    Sketchbook Series!

  7. Lisa Kubiak says:

    Hi Jess – I like the Sketchbook Series – I like the variety! But the others are wonderful also. Lisa

  8. Yoka says:

    Hi Jessyca, Always good to hear from you from across the country! I vote for Sketchbook and Pitchers and look forward to hearing which one I can order. The last set is long gone.Love, Yoka

  9. Janet Lee says:

    I choose jars collection first because I like the way you capture the light in the glass vases. I like the sketchbook series 2nd because of the personalization of the dates.

  10. Suzanne Murphy says:

    I vote for sketchbook and jars. I’ve always liked the look of clear glass and light. But mainly, I’m just so glad you’re still offering these! I need my cards!

  11. Nina Jerome says:

    I love the open and airy quality of the jar series and the way in which the flowers work with negative space and use of text in the sketchbook series. They are all energetic and joyous. Thanks for sharing. Nina

  12. Sissy says:

    Hi Jessyca,
    Your flowers always cheer me up…love each series, so choosing one series over another is difficult! But I’ll go with the glass jars as #1 and Sketchbook Series as #2. I like the inclusion of the dates too.

  13. Lynn Broekman says:

    Hi Jessyca – Love them all!!! and would like to order one of each series and a 2nd set of the Pitcher Series.