Another Visit to Swan’s Island

Posted on: September 5th, 2014 by jmbroekman 4 Comments


Last week we headed down east, in what is fast becoming one of my favorite traditions, to spend time with our vacationing New Jersey friends on Swan’s Island. What can be better than a late August trip to a place where we have no wifi, and nothing to do but read, draw and collect rocks? We ate great meals with raucous friends and played silly games – loudly enough that the neighbors across the road commented on what a good time it appeared we were having.

Last year when we got home, I was preparing to pack up the studio for renovation. This year I am looking forward to a season of hibernation inside my beautiful new studio. First up, though are all the necessary preparations for winter: canning tomatoes, making pickles and relish, painting the storm windows, planting the garlic, and who knows what else. I love this season. Despite the overwhelming list of “must-dos” I am doing my best to maintain that post-vacation zen-like approach to moving through my days. I hope you all are enjoying the last weeks of warm sun, and moving back into your own school year routines.

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  1. Wendy dusenbury says:

    Hi Jessyca
    You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. I am pretty sure the calendar and my awareness of 9/7 approaching.
    Any chance for a catch up. ( as in covering the last 2 years!) phone call early next week? B
    It sounds like you’ve had a great summer with plenty to keep you busy this fall.
    I love these paintings of Swan Island.
    I just realized these comments might be shard. Oh well
    Write to me at my email

  2. dan burke says:

    Sounds fun. I love this season, too. It seems so fresh and crisp. Love the island sketches