How did January become February?

Posted on: February 5th, 2013 by jmbroekman 4 Comments

01.30.13 + 02.01.13

In the blink of an eye January ended, but not my drawing-a-day project. At left is the first drawing for February, and above is the one I completed on January 30th.


4 Responses

  1. Janet Lee says:

    Jessyca I am enjoying my winter walk with you through your drawings. I just went back and visited some of your “encaustics” and Italy books – quite a different feeling altogether. Surely these pieces are informed by winter light!

    • jmbroekman says:

      And I am enjoying having you along for my winter walk. These pieces are definitely informed by the winter light, and quite honestly the ever changing grey skies. It seems we have not seen much sun, but still there is that light that you get only at this time of year. I am going to put up some of the pieces that accompany your longer poem soon, if that’s OK with you!

  2. Janet Lee says:

    Yes, and remember there are bound to be poems I send along that don’t move you to want to work with them. I am working within the “drawing a day” spirit – meaning I don’t belabor or rework much. Just letting myself write -so there will surely be some clunkers or less readable work coming your way as well!