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Posted on: May 18th, 2012 by jmbroekman 3 Comments

A beautiful hike in Umbria

Yesterday we hiked from Spello, along the old Roman aqueduct, to Collepino – a tiny little medieval “borgo” on the side of Mt. Subasio, completely surrounded by il parco regionale del monte Subasio. It was perfect hiking weather – bright and sunny, clear blue skies, with a nice cool breeze up in the hills. The great thing about hiking in Italy is you often can go from one town to another, and thus, there is usually some place to stop and have a nice plate of cheese and salami, and a glass of wine in a lovely little piazza. Or, your destination could be to stop for an espresso before turning around to do the hike back.

At left are pictures of the view along the trail, and looking back at our starting point, the town of Spello. Below, yet another amazing Umbrian countryside view, with Spello in the distance.

Below: The little piazza in Collepino; a pizza oven on the edge of town in Collepino; and along the path, a sweet-smelling flowering bush, the name of which I know nothing about, neither in English nor Italian!


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3 Responses

  1. yvonne says:

    lovely pictures, makes you feel you want to be there!

  2. ellen says:

    beautiful shots, jessyca!