Dunia Moja/One World: A print exchange

Posted on: March 22nd, 2011 by jmbroekman

I just finished updating the Peregrine Press website to include information about our upcoming show, and thought I’d finally describe my part in this project here as well. You can read a lot more about the project, and see some of the work at www.peregrinepress.com/zanzibar.html. To see the work, scroll down and click on any of the three pictures towards the bottom of that page.

The images included above (on this post) are pairs of before and after shots. Each participant created an edition of “base” prints that were sent to the other group to be completed by another artist. So moving clockwise starting top left above are: one of my base sheets that was sent to Zanzibar; the print completed by Fatma and sent back to Maine; one of my completed prints in which I worked on top of Rehema’s base print; and Rehema’s base print.

The project presented me with some serious challenges – not least of which was figuring out how to add to an already complete and beautiful print, while respecting what was there, but somehow adding my hand to it. In the end, it was a lot of fun, and in some ways opened up a new door for me in terms of imagery. I enjoyed working with all those swirly shapes that were in Rehema’s prints, and ended up making some plates based on blown up versions of her prints that I think I may continue to work with.

I encourage those of you who are local to check out the show. It will be up from the 1st of April through the 28th of May in the Lewis Gallery at the Portland Public Library. There is an opening reception on April 8th. And if you can’t get to the show itself, definitely check out the Peregrine Press website and scroll through the images. The work is really remarkable.

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