Sugar Bowl Drawing: 02-22-09

Posted on: March 3rd, 2010 by jmbroekman

Big fat sketchbook of sugar bowls

About a year ago I pulled this big fat sketchbook off the shelf. It had been a birthday present from a friend many moons ago. What better way to use it than to see if I could sustain an exploration of one object from start to finish. I’m a year into the project; the book is getting fatter by the month – but not nearly complete. I’m tellin’ you this is one big giant fat sketchbook.

The paper isn’t very forgiving – especially the way I work with it. This is a drawing I did in the book a little over a year ago. This sugar bowl has so much personality – it reminds me a lot of my mother for some reason. Maybe just because it was hers, and she relished this whole pewter tea set which now lives in my home and studio.


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