Moving pieces of color around, on any kind of surface, has long been one of my favorite things to do. When I was growing up I could easily spend countless hours rearranging the magic markers in a box. Needless to say, the bigger the assortment of colors in the box, the better. That was just the beginning of this road on which I continue to travel. And even though I never set out to become an artist, at some moment in time, it became clear that I was never going to stop making marks or moving bits colors around on a page. There didn't appear to be a choice in the matter, making art had set out to find me.

Brief Statement

A fascination with and love of color is and always has been the fuel for my work. I begin paintings by applying and sanding several layers of a combination of joint compound and gesso, until I arrive at a surface that is already full of marks. From there I work up multiple layers of transparent color which are often scraped back in areas, and reapplied over and over until an image slowly begins to present itself. These oil and wax paintings, whether on wood panels or paper, wear their own history as layers of skin that when added one upon the next result in a luminous display of woven experiene. I also start many pieces in the printmaking studio where I create a series of monotypes by quickly building a layered surface on a plexiglass plate and making multiple passes through the press. These prints are then reworked with other materials, ultimately being torn up and reconfigured as collages — not unlike putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The challenge is to fit each of the disparate pieces together in a way that is both inevitable and surprising — finding the perfect balance in which each part can play its pivotal role, and together they can all add up to a whole that makes sense.

My goal is to create visual poems that serve as a snapshot of a moment in time in which the anatomy of a memory can be explored through an abstract lens. Using a variety of tools and media in each piece, an image emerges that presents a mysterious blend of color, shape and mark that hides as much as it reveals and thus invites a closer look at what lies just below the surface. By sifting through the recesses within to uncover fragments of experiences, I create prints, paintings and collages with layered histories that mirror my own — ultimately mapping an internal landscape.