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Hello Spring!!!

Posted on: April 10th, 2011 by jmbroekman 3 Comments


The peepers and the crocuses are back at last

It’s so nice to have weather that allows for digging around in the dirt to see who is coming back to life after that long snow-covered winter nap. Today was just such a day, and to my great delight there were spots of color poking out from the ground all over the place. Last night I heard the first of the peepers which means it’s time to plant the peas. I’m looking forward to all that flurry of garden activity, and being able to spend time outside without being wrapped in 25 layers of clothing.

Other bright news today: the Dunia Moja/One World show got a great review in the Maine Sunday Telegram. To my surprise one of the pieces I worked on was singled out; though I think more for what Fatma did to my base sheet than anything I might have done. None-the-less, it was nice to see my name in print, and spelled correctly at that! You can read the full review here: