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Posted on: March 4th, 2018 by jmbroekman 2 Comments

Curiosity: a strong desire to know or learn something

I had to look up curiosity to figure out how to spell it. I never thought of it as a “strong desire”, but more of well, just being open. My curiosity was peaked recently when this piece (at left), which had been on my painting wall a long time, caught my eye. Why then, and not three weeks ago? Obviously at one time it had interested me enough to put it up there. When I put it on the wall, it was with the intention to do something else to it. This is often the case – something catches my eye, I put it on the wall, and then it waits. At some point I see it with a fresh set of eyes, and figure out what it needs. Either that, or I just go on the attack.

So I am curious about what it is that catches my attention when it does, and why. I don’t know if curiosity killed any cats, but I do know that it continues to drive me forward. Which leads me to the conclusion that I need to keep the curiosity channels wide open. Maybe the world would be a better place in general if we could all do that. Just be curious.