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7 September 2011

Posted on: September 7th, 2011 by jmbroekman 3 Comments

A purple sugarbowl for my sister on her birthday

What do you say when it’s the birthday of someone who no longer walks the earth, but who still inhabits your mind? You can’t exactly say “happy birthday”. Or can you? Well, Kukla, wherever your spirit may be hovering today, I’m wishing you a happy birthday, because September 7th will always be your birthday, and a day to celebrate in some way or other.

Pino and Pinturicchio decided it was too wet outside, and have been celebrating by snoozing on my studio chair all day!



Posted on: April 16th, 2011 by jmbroekman 4 Comments

I’ve been painting purple tulips

for my once-older sister Kukla, who died 6 years ago today. I am older now than she was then, and I am still at a loss for words, while I continue trying to figure out how to move through life carrying this giant hole that she left behind. You wouldn’t think a hole could weigh so much.

Purple was her favorite color. She collected pitchers. And she loved flowers, especially tulips. One of my favorite memories of time spent with her was when we took my mother back to Holland, just the three of us. On a cold rainy day – almost exactly 12 years ago today – we went to visit the Keukenhof gardens. They were in full bloom and my sister was a pig in you-know-what. She was completely delighted by every single glorious bed of color.

Snapshots below are of shopping on the streets in Amsterdam; and my mom’s elementary school – directly across from the little hotel where we stayed.