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Posted on: September 19th, 2015 by jmbroekman No Comments

The Color of Autumn

Who among you doesn’t immediately think of the color orange when the month of October is mentioned? I know it’s still September, and the autumn equinox doesn’t arrive for a couple of days. But I will be away at the end of this month, and am thus busy getting started on all my winter-preparation-chores. When it came to our big garden out back, I woefully neglected it this year. Which made finding the Red Kuri squash, and the pumpkins an even more delightful surprise. And, where was it written that tomatoes need to be started indoors in, like, February? I had volunteers this year in the onion patch, which proved more productive than the starts I planted deliberately. So what if it’s hard to find them in the weeds! I do hate the shortening of the days, even so, there is a lot about this season to recommend itself.


Posted on: July 4th, 2011 by jmbroekman 4 Comments

Happy Independence Day

The garlic scapes have all been cut, one batch of strawberry jam has been made, the perennial borders are a riot of Evening Primrose yellow, and the Mock Orange is bursting with blooms. What could be better than this?!