2020 Note Card Ballot

Posted on: January 14th, 2020 by jmbroekman 7 Comments

2020 Note Cards

It’s time to vote for your favorite candidates for this year’s note cards! If you would like to cast your vote, I’d love to have the feedback. Voting is a little different this year, I’m asking that you rank the sets below, 1-5 in order of preference (1 is your favorite, 5 is your least favorite). Leave a comment below (or send me an e-mail). Please note, set 5 is a little different – they are oil paintings rather than watercolors. I’m trying to get a sense of whether or not there is interest in having these as note cards.

As always, thanks a million for your help.

Ready Set Go!

Set 1: Peonies

Set 2: Blue Vase

Set 3: Island Windowsill

Set 4: Pinks and Purples

Set 5: Oils

7 Responses

  1. Julia Sheridan says:

    Hi Jessyca, I like 5 the most, followed by 3, 1, 2 and 4. They are beautiful. I’d love to order some notecards of 5. Nice to see you Sunday. Julia

    • jmbroekman says:

      Thanks, Julia. I’ll let you know if/when they become available. It was great to see you on Sunday! Hope to see you again next month. – Jessyca

  2. Nancy Silver says:

    Blue vase. 1st
    Peonies 2nd
    Island windowsill 3rd
    Oils 4th
    Pinks and purples 5th

    I love note cards. Would definitely order some. Your designs are lovely and hope you are doing well. Sorry to miss the show Kendall came to but had something going on. Xox Nancy

    • jmbroekman says:

      Hi Nancy: I was sorry you couldn’t come up too. Another time. I’ll send out another newsletter once I’ve printed the cards! Hope you are well.

  3. Kristen McDermott says:

    Blue Vase (1)
    Peonies (2)
    Oils (3)
    Island Window sills (4)
    Pinks and Purples (5)
    A beautiful reminder of spring!!!

  4. Anne Garland says:

    hard to decide, but here’s my vote!
    set 4
    set 2
    set 1
    set 3
    set 5

  5. Edward Salier says:


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