Picking up bigger pieces

Posted on: July 6th, 2010 by jmbroekman

… or at least trying to.

The Picking up the Pieces series began as an exercise in making space on my drawing table. The challenge was to use up the scraps already on my table – and only use the scraps on my table. But, with each collage I make, I create more scraps – albeit smaller and smaller ones. It presents me with a real contradiction in terms: how can the waste-not-want-not queen, who can’t throw away the tiniest scrap of color, start making even slightly larger collages, when the material at hand is getting more and more minute? She opens the flat file drawers and pulls out something else from which to work.

The piece at left is about twice as big as most of the work in that series (which are generally not much more than 5″ x 5″). It is a composite of three monotypes combined with wax and oil stick. Though, I don’t really consider this one part of the series, I did manage to salvage enough leftover scraps for a smaller collage that became #52 in the series. Check that one out (along with a couple of other additions to the series) here.

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