One Hundred

Posted on: June 10th, 2010 by jmbroekman

Meditations on 9 collages …

It may have taken close to four years, but I finally reached the one-hundred-mark. I started the Meditations on 9 series after coming across a reference to a nine-patch Amish quilt in a book I was reading. I’d often worked with a grid, and wondered what would happen if I made one hundred collages based on that simple nine-patch pattern? Could I even sustain that idea?

I started with a bang the first summer – initially finding something soothing about the challenge. All I had to do was go in my studio and move pieces of paper around. There was a structure within which to work. A task. I could settle into it. And even though I veered off in several other directions as time went on, I did keep coming back to it, and 100 collages later, I am still compelled by them.

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