Salvaging un disastro

Posted on: March 17th, 2010 by jmbroekman

my new title: salvage queen

Last week I went into the print studio with a plan. I had a grid marked out for the press bed, and was going to print a set of small plates multiple times on a large piece of paper. Nothing too seemingly complicated about that. I put my grid on the press bed, and proceeded to spend the next hour inking up the plates. Turns out, it was the wrong set of plates. UGH.

Well, what could I do? I printed them anyway – randomly on the big piece of paper. Made myself a huge mess – the paper was too wet, and in certain areas it pulled up onto the plate. I had written on the page with all kinds of materials – including watercolor crayons which ran all over the place. Oh well.

There’s always the possibility of ripping and reconfiguring the thing. So that’s what I did. It continues to amaze me – the power of a bunch of marks on a page.

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